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Online Speed Coaching - 10 June

Online Speed Coaching - 10 June

10th / 10th Jun - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Closed
Cost: FREE
Where: Online

Guest Speakers

Tammy Marshal
Transformation Coach

Tammy believes that a fresh approach is required and that for individuals and businesses to succeed, they need to transform themselves. To do things differently! Even if it means sometimes stepping sideways or completely outside their comfort zone.

Phillippa Bourke
Certified HeartMath Coach

Phillippa coaches using science-based techniques that have been shown to change the way our body’s physiology responds in stressful situations. Resulting in the ability to empower yourself to better regulate your energy and wellbeing throughout each day.

Simon Stibbs
Executive Coach

Simon works with professionals who are looking to improve the current state of play. This may include career and business performance, inspired leadership, organisational transformation, attracting new talent, creating and building a culture of trust, enthusiasm and performance

Wendy Burgess
Life Empowerment Coach

Focusing on Empowerment, Wellness and Happiness. Wendy creates a safe space in which her clients are supported and empowered to transform their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Sheila Vijeyarasa
Intuition Leadership Expert

Sheila is also the Founder of ‘Empowering your Intuition with Sheila’. She is a spiritual teacher, mentor and intuitive counsellor. Sheila’s natural mediumistic and psychic abilities have been passed down through multiple generations in her family.

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