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Online Speed Coaching - 15 April

Online Speed Coaching - 15 April

15th / 15th Apr - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Closed
Cost: FREE
Where: Online

Guest Speakers

Tony Meredith
Sales, Leadership & Mindset Coaching
Tony focuses on unlocking your true potential by working with you and your business from the inside-out. Mindset first, then strategy.
Nathalie Gevinti
Mind Mentor

In a world where stress, pressure, depression and anxiety are at an all time high, Nathalie is dedicated to helping people grow personally and lead successful lives with a healthy mindset and a clear and loving sense of self.

Wendy Burgess
Life Coach

Focusing on Empowerment, Wellness and Happiness. Wendy creates a safe space in which her clients are supported and empowered to transform their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Jem Fuller
Conscious Leadership

Jem is passionate about transformation and sustainable change. Jem believes that with the right guidance and tools, we can increase our levels of self awareness and the ability to manage our own ‘state’, so as to be able to serve the ‘mission’ or ‘purpose’ more successfully.

Lison Mage
Life & Business Coach

Lison is passionate about achievement – and about helping people from all walks of life to lift their performance, professionally and across the board. Her services include the YB12 Classic coaching program and the Total Focus Workshop.

Carolina Vera
Career & Life Coach

Carolina’s mission is to help individuals to thrive effortlessly. She works with professionals that feel stuck, are not satisfied and doubt what their next step is – helping them connect with their purpose, identify their passion and create a vision.

Lisa Gumieniuk
Chaos to clam coach

Lisa helps busy, professional women who are stressed, anxious, tired, or overwhelmed…to eliminate rest-less sleep, regain their energy, improve their digestion & enjoy being at a healthy weight. So that they can experience more fulfilling and emotionally connected relationships, sleep soundly, be present with their families and discover that balance is NOT an illusion!

Elise Clement
Life Coach & Wellbeing

Elise Clement has a special interest in supporting women through life transitions, both personal and professional: whether it’s going through a career change, navigating the challenges of motherhood, or any other turning point that requires facing important questions, taking perspective and moving forward with confidence.

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