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Anjani Amriit

Anjani Amriit

Life and Business 'Purpose' Mentoring Mentoring on life purpose, business and career purpose

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About Anjani Amriit

Anjani Amriit is a Soul Purpose Coach and Mentor. She is genius at assisting high flying execs, small business owners, and organisations activate the purpose of their soul for greater impact, radical success, wellbeing and financial freedom.

Anjani offers her private clients online private mentoring, online and in-person training programs and retreats across the globe. She works with organisations as a key note speaker and executive training facilitator. 

She helps:

  1. Visionaries who know they came here for a bigger purpose and are not living it, to make it happen;
  2. Under appreciated employees create a greater impact, and get the recognition, promotion, and the salary they deserve;
  3. Disillusioned employees transition out of corporate and into their dream job or their own successful business; 
  4. Small business owners bring greater purpose to their brand, message and business for radical financial and personal success; and
  5. Under performing organisations realign with their purpose and do business better.  

Working with Anjani, you will actively engage with the process of self-transformation, to awaken your internal power and potential and align with your greatest calling in your business, career and life. 

Amrita Anjani‘s style is intuitive and insightful. She is the Founder of the ‘Soul On Purpose Program’ designed to activate your greatest power and potential for a life of profound purpose. 

She is also Co-Founder of Women With Purpose, an online global women’s community with a mission to influence, impact and inspire women to be true to their highest calling and translate this into their careers or their own businesses to create financial freedom, and a lasting impact in their own lives, and the world at large.

Anjani is a qualified Psycosynthesis Coach, Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Energetics Expert. She is natural and enigmatic mentor, presenter and writer. Her intuitive skills, enthusiasm and dynamism bring clarity, rapid transformation and radical success, making her highly sought after. She makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Anjani has published articles for various publications including Nine MSN, Australian Women’s Weekly and Living Now.  Her Soul Purpose Meditations have been featured on Australia’s ABC Current Affairs Radio. She is currently working on her book ‘The 9 Realisations’ – a ‘users manual’ on to how to elevate your natural intelligence and make it work for you.

Package Offer
Business Purpose Mentoring~ for Entrepreneurs and Executives

This is for you if you:

  • are a struggling small business owner looking for greater clarity and purpose to your brand, message and business to make a bigger splash in your market, attract more clients and create financial freedom; 
  • know your purpose, but are still side hustling your passion project by night/weekends and want to transition from passion hobbyist to full time killing it entrepreneur; 
  • a disillusioned employee looking to transition out of corporate and into your dream job or own successful business;
  • an under appreciated executive wanting to create a greater impact, and get the recognition, promotion, and the salary you deserve;
  • are a manager, leader, or CEO of an under performing organisation looking for guidance to realign with the purpose of the organisation to change culture and do business better.

The key to your success is getting absolute clarity on your Purpose. Your purpose will shape your message that will attract more clients, drive your passion to fuel you in your business and is your personal genius zone for business success.

For entrepreneurs: I help you birth, brand and build your business. Here are examples of some of the skills I help you with.

  • How to build your business before you quit your job
  • How to build your brand
  • Your brand message
  • Identifying your ideal clients
  • How to find clients
  • How to enrol new clients without feeling cheap or salesy 
  • How to start your purposeful business with little to no money
  • How to get clients to come to you
  • How to build your authority in your industry
  • How to build value
  • How to increase your pricing
  • How to grow from a 1 person business to hiring people
  • How to scale your business
  • How to hire people to coach/consult for you

For executives: I help you step up, stand out and shine bright in your career.  Your purpose is your personal genius zone, and when you bring this into your career the natural result is greater success, and personal satisfaction. Here are some examples of the skills I help you with:

  • How to not take your professional life personally
  • How to conquer your fears and magnify your confidence
  • How to manage your stress so it doesn’t manage you
  • How to win over your boss for that promotion
  • How to navigate difficult conversations
  • How to stand up, speak out and be really seen 
  • How to ask for what you want and get it
  • How to create the role that is perfect for you within your organisation 
  • How to become a master of your time and never again bring work home
  • How to deal with conflict to bring understanding and cooperation to the workplace
  • How to be fully you at work and be adored for it 
  • How to amplify your potential 
Life Purpose Mentoring

This is for you if you:

  • feel stuck and want clarity on your life purpose 
  • know you came here for a bigger purpose and aren’t doing it 
  • want help to birth, design and build your legacy 
  • are an aspiring author and want help to write your book, get published and share your message
  • have a powerful message to bring to the world and want clarity on what it is and how to deliver it
  • are single and looking for your soul mate
  • in a loveless relationship and want to rekindle the intimacy and passion you once had
  • feel trapped in a loveless marriage and want help to have a happy divorce (yes its totally possible!) 

In my life purpose mentoring programs I help you reclaim your power, ramp up your potential and live your purpose. Here are examples of some of the skills I help you with when you join my Life Purpose Private Mentoring program:

  • How to reclaim your power in your relationships 
  • How to become energetically attractive to your future partner 
  • How to connect to the power of your soul to make the seemingly impossible, possible
  • How to tap into the infinite creative potential of your soul to create your legacy/book/message in the world 
  • How to move out of power games and into healthy relationships 
  • How to release the grip of the past and liberate your life 
  • How to become response-able to all of life and meet it fully in your power
  • How to tap into the wisdom of your soul for all the clarity you need in life 
  • How to use the power of boundaries to foster healthy supportive relationships
  • How to stamp out toxicity in your relationships 
  • How to turn your finances around to afford anything you desire 
  • How to master your mindset for radical transformation and happiness 

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