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Dale Williams - Point Coaching

Dale Williams - Point Coaching

Results Coach - NLP Practitioner - Time Line Therapy® You don’t have to settle for the life you’re living- reach your peak performance level and start getting lasting results today!

Areas of Expertise:
New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains

About Dale Williams - Point Coaching

Feeling lost or stuck? Are you distant in relationships or frendships due to lack of work-life balance? It’s okay, we’ve all been there.. Now’s the time to take back control..

Here at Point Coaching we are here for you. Lets put you first! We use tools and techniques to figure out the true root cause to your happiness, allowing you to live through your purpose and achieve anything you put your mind to!

At Point Coaching we ignite human potential- inspiring our clients personally and professionally. I offer my services as if I were your very own full time employee giving you guidance and strategic advice to optimise your life experiences. It is like having a business partner working with you all the way but the only difference is this business is your ‘lifestyle’! Through thought provoking and creative processes we create a system (that you love!!) to achieve and transcend your goals and your dreams by excelling your performance in areas of your life- body, business, and relationships to name a few. 

The thing is many of us get caught up in the rat race with societies mindset of ‘money makes the world go round’ so we put our dreams aside, follow our parents and friends’ advice and sniff out a career we think is the most rewarding or ‘worth it’. Our dreams can wait till “someday” to achieve them. Now I’m going to be honest guys.. Someday doesn’t exist- we only have 7 days in our week and we are chockas with our time already!- plus even if someday did come around, its going to be a very busy day indeed right?!

Through working together my clients realise they don’t have to settle for the life their living. In fact they start taking control for their lives and reach their peak performance levels creating long lasting results from day one! Don’t wait until its TOO LATE! 

We support you 24/7 via emails, text and calls and if there are no results “I’ll work for free”!

Get in touch to ignite your potential, don’t leave it until its too late!

“Theres no excuses or “someday” if you want to live a better life full of possibilities”

0422 483 117

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