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Where Patterns are you seeing in your Life?

This is not a deconstruction or judgement exercise but an awareness exercise. Which means, push the self talk to the side. Also be mindful, this is not an exercise you do in one go. No pressure to do anything. No pressure to analyse. Just live and watch. That simple. What are we watching for? - When you feel good - When you don’t feel good - When your energy is light - When your energy is heavy - When you feel frustrated - When you feel your body is telling you something - When your mind is lost in thought - When you are on autopilot - When you are living in the moment - When you are living in the past - When you are living in the future - When you are dreaming - When you are laughing - When you get excited - When you are loving - When you are not liking - How do you react to things - How to you react to perceived chaos - How to you react to confrontation ..... The List goes on. Watching, and only watching. with completely no judgement. Watching as if you are watching yourself move through life. Through the observing process, what patterns are presenting themselves? Your day-to-day patterns? How do you feel when you wake up, leave the house, go to work, at work, eating times, afternoon, leaving work, coming home, before bed, sleep time. Where are the consistencies. What keeps your energy light and/or what makes your energy feel heavy? Your Relationship Patterns? When you meet new people? In the early stages of a relationship? When you settle into a relationship? When you have good times in a relationship? When you have challenging times in a relationship? Intimate relationships? Family relationships? Friend relationships? Your Work Patterns? How do you start the day? How do you end the day? Who do you spend most time with? What are your work habits? What do you like doing? What don’t you like doing? How do your emotions change during the work day? Your self talk patterns? How often? What’s it saying? Can you stop it? Can you change it? Does it control you or you control it? Is it helping? Is it holding you back? Do you listen to it? When you do, why? When you don’t, why not? Your alone time patterns? Who are you when no one is around? What is about the time alone that you like? What is it about the time alone you don’t like? How long can you sit with yourself before you cannot any longer? What dialogue to you revert to during your alone time? Your escape patterns? When you want to get away, why do you want to get away? What are you getting away from? What are you using as a means of escape? It is a short term or long term escape? Do you feel good during the escape? Do you feel good after the escape? We are still watching. Not judging. What patterns do you see? What are the patterns saying? What would happened if you changed a pattern? If today you decided to wake up do something differently. It could be something small. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Instead of doing the same walk route you mix it up for example. Or you break up with your phone for a day. Or you don’t order coffee and grab an orange juice instead. Or you walk instead of run. Or instead of rushing out the door you don’t and have a conversation before leaving the house. During all this, we are still watching, and possibly seeing and realising how adaptable and resilient we all are..

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