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We’re looking for wellness providers!

Who might that be? Life coaches, Naturopaths, Art therapist, or anyone in between who help people with self-development. List yourself, or your business in the Me AfterWork directory so we can help people find you!  

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We’ve developed a search engine that helps connect people with wellness providers from all walks of life. We like to think of it as an index of awesome.


What you get:

A dedicated page for your business.

Access to a targeted, engaged, growing audience.

The ability to join a broader wellness community.

Opportunity to grow your business through increased exposure.

How it works

We will connect members of our community with your business, by either putting them directly in touch with you, or linking them to your website.
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We’ll share resources, have meet-ups and check-in occasionally. Don’t forget to check back on the site regularly for the latest updates on what’s going on.

What our providers say

Babette Bensoussan
Babette Bensoussan
Life & Business Coach
"I highly recommend ME Afterwork for its inclusiveness, breadth of speakers on Wellness, and just good fun and laughter!"
Jeanine Sciacca
Jeanine Sciacca
Silva Practitioner
"I am very grateful to ME Afterwork for the opportunities they allowed me in my journey to add value to others. Me Afterwork helped me promote my first Silva Method event which was my absolute highlight of 2016."
Jennifer Moalem
Jennifer Moalem
"Me Afterwork provides in-person opportunities for like-minded people in a wonderful, open culture. It’s a joy for providers who get to share their wisdom in an intimate setting with an engaged audience."
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