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Holistic Therapy Shine Bright

Areas of Expertise:
New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains

About Yogatopia

Cheree is a Master in Yoga Therapy and Healing Modalities, working with people of all ages and life stages to heal, balance and expand the mind, body and spirit.

Cheree is a trained and practicing counsellor (Post Grad Dip Psy Science), School Teacher (BA Dip Edu), Breath Re-Trainer (Butekyo), Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Anusara, BowSpring) and Colour Therapist (Aurasoma).

Cheree has 41 years experience in a variety of mainstream and alternative healing modalities, which she draws on in combination with her highly intuitive abilities.

How can Cheree help you:

  1. To heal from trauma, injury and emotional struggle
  2. To reduce stress
  3. To focus on a balance between the physical, emotional and mental health.
  4. To remove stuck and energy blockages
  5. To strengthen and improve posture
  6. To learn how to breath correctly:  to improve sleep, to reduce anxiety and stress, to become more conscious and present in your daily life.
  7. To reconnect with the body and the mind.
  8. To increase awareness of your inner and outer environments to reduce the negative impacts on your health.
  9. To provide clarity around fears, desires and dreams
  10. To experience the benefits of a combination of eastern and western philosophies and practices.

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