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Linda Thackray

Linda Thackray

Face Reader / Psychosomatic Therapist Registered Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy

Areas of Expertise:
New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains

About Linda Thackray

As a registered Teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy College, I run workshops and courses both within Australia and internationally, helping others to find that special “magic” which resides within all of us.

Our reference book is the human face and physical form.   The Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate is aligned to the 104848 Nat Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy which is both about self exploration, and also provides the opportunity to learn the skills to become a Psychosomatic Therapist.

The 1-2 hour presentations I offer are designed to provide insights and take away experiences, to assist people to connect with themselves and to gain greater connections with their family, colleagues, friends and communities.    I feel privileged to share my passion for this ancient practice and facilitation of deeper awareness and connection.   This is also an introduction to the various courses I teach.  Presentations are tailored to the participants who will be attending.

“The Face Reading workshop opened my eyes to seeing people more from their personal experience. Enabling me to have compassion for them rather than continuing a pattern I had of taking things personally. Now as a psychotherapist I am able to take in more of the person’s facial features as a tool to better treat my clients.”
“The course has helped me in a very positive way, since now I see that I will be able to look at people in a different, less judgemental, and more loving and understanding way. This course of Face Reading has opened my eyes really wide!”
“From the moment I met Linda I knew she was someone I wanted to learn from. Her natural talent as a teacher, and compassionate, patient and loving nature ensure that whether you’re a student of hers or receiving a reading or treatment, your experience with Psychosomatic Therapy will be life changing.”
Package Offer
Face Reading/Personality Profiling Training

Learning to read faces is not only the doorway to a greater understanding of
yourself, but it will also allow you to improve your relationships and develop a
deeper compassion for others. Every feature of the face has a meaning, and in
this course you will learn how to identify:
• Thinking Styles (analytical, intuitive, multi-tasker, single tasker or
a combination)
• Listening Styles (optimistic, pessimistic, or neutral)
• Focus of attention (about me, about you, in the present, past or imagination)
• Priority of Expression (what others see in you at a glance)
• Natural gifts (your Natural and inherent Strengths)
• Challenges or Conflicts (Where in life you may not be serving yourself)


Day 1 Chakras in the Face / Face Shapes and Face Zones / All the Individual Features

Day 2 – Ears Connecting the features / Personality Profiling Gifts and Challenges Your individual Face Analysis

Day 3 Introduction to the Chinese Elements / The personalities of the Elements / Organs represented in the Face Lines and there meaning.

Regular Price :
2 days only $495 / 3 day option $695
Sale Price :
Early Bird offer: 2 days $445 / 3 days $645

10 DAY SELF DEVELOPMENT or 12 FULL DAYS with additional hours, case studies and reflective learning to gain the requirements to apply for the Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy with the Psychosomatic Therapy College.

Psychosomatic Therapy provides enormous depth into understanding how your body communicates with you. You will gain skills to be able to recognise what is out of balance within yourself and to learn how to read others.  This transformational training has a holistic approach to the Body Mind Connection, and works well with all wellness modalities to assist change.

Day 1:                    Psychosomatic Therapy Breakthrough

Day 2:                    The Art of Reading Faces

Day 3 -5:               Body Mind Analysis, Limbs, Joints and Feet

Day 6:                    Language of the Hands

Day 7 – 8:             Emotional Anatomy – Emotional Release Bodywork

Day 9:                    Psychosomatic Related Diseases

Day 10:                 Apply Reflective Practice in a Psychosomatic Therapy Role


please contact me on 0400 929 020 or if you would like to know more.   email:

Price :

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