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Trauma Coach & Healer Move loneliness to worthiness

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Jessica Goh is the founder of Life In Confidence. She’s a trauma coach and healer in relationship abuse and heartache. What she’s really passionate about is moving you from loneliness to worthiness. Her 20 years of real-life experience with childhood trauma, domestic violence, anxiety, bullying and dysfunctional family dynamics sets her apart from psychologists, counsellors and other coaches and knows what it takes to decide to be on the other side. Fall out of fear and move into freedom.

I got the job! Thank you so much for all your help! The money is even better than I thought it would be too. I am so excited to start this new chapter! You have been so amazing. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. I'm feeling in such a good place now. It's amazing how much this has helped me.
Zofia Barnes - From admin to finance
I met Jessica at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation that was both insightful and informative. Personally, she really shone a great light on the Asian-Australian/2nd-generation immigrant experience. Following that, I had the pleasure of buying her Restore Your Confidence course + 1 month of access to her coaching. She was both responsive, respectful, *and* insightful---in real time! You know you've got a worthy mentor/coach when they can answer some of your hard-hitting questions, unscripted, and with valuable insight. Jess also doesn't shy away from hard-hitting truths! And you want that in your mentor xx
Belinda Tang
I highly recommend Jessica's one on one coaching sessions. I was blown away by what I've been able to achieve. Jess guides along your journey to tackle your low level energy, such as fear, regret, anger and so forth. By fighting your demon head on, your able to replace it with self fulfulling love, which will lead you a life of abundance. It felt amazing at the end whereby your able to visualise and feel (Jessica stresses the importance of emotion) a "life in confidence". Well done Jess, keep it up. Many more people would benefit from your work.
David Wang - Ex Maths Teacher
Jess is a very personable coach who is able to identify very quickly what your personal needs are and is able to tailor strategies to help with your personal development and restore your confidence. I thoroughly enjoy the one on one coaching sessions where I am able to drawn on Jess' personal experience and implement her self love toolkit & strategies to help rebuild myself & self confidence. Keep up the great work Jess!
Linda Lam
The most honest and understanding and open confidence coach I've spoken with and heard about. Spent time speaking with Jess over the phone and gained so much knowledge about myself and my experiences through Jess' knowledge and life experiences. Thank you Jess for the start of my empowerment as a young person xxx
Erin Rolander

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