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Centre for Life Therapies

Centre for Life Therapies

Success Coach & Therapist. Certified NLP & Matrix Therapies Trainer Everyone has potential to be more successful and happy

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About Centre for Life Therapies

Life coaching is a collaborative process between the coach and you.  I will support you to make lasting change by asking questions that provoke deep answers.  This process shows you that you knew the answers all the time – you just needed someone to care enough with the right tools to help you see the way forward.

The addition of meditation and yoga philosophy can add a deeper meaning to your life, promoting a life of inner happiness, a deeper understanding of the workings of the world and a more loving connection with others.

I have been teaching meditation and yoga for most of my life, and through the use of life-coaching concepts lead successful careers as an award-winning film producer and events professional in the corporate world.  I noticed I was providing life coaching to individuals as a natural part of conversation so I decided to formalise my qualifications, and combined my pursuit for excellence with my love for people to form the Centre for Life Therapies.  My goal is to transform the lives of thousands of people with the best elements of life coaching and yoga philosophy.


My Qualifications

  • Certified Trainer of NLP & Matrix Therapies
  • Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner of Advanced Matrix Therapies
  • Master Practitioner of Business & Executive Coaching
  • Level 2 Accredited Consultant Extended DISC
  • Certified Practitioner of Conscious Hypnosis
  • Certified mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration) Coach
  • Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment
  • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists
  • Insured through AON
A friend of mine recommended Sonya to me, as someone who might be able to help me with some emotional obstacles that were frustrating my personal and work life. In the initial consultation we discussed the challenges I was dealing with and worked out a plan of priority areas to address. During the subsequent weekly sessions we progressed through the plan 'clearing' each area as we went. After six sessions I have been able to move these problem areas, and a few additional ones, into a clearer and more manageable place. I am now able to focus on doing today without having those obstacles from the past getting in my way like they once did - brilliant! I am very happy to recommend Sonya.
Ian M
I have attended Sonya Furlong's Total Focus Workshop and then I had private Matrix Therapies sessions with her as I needed to see life from another perspective. She helped to clear my negative thoughts absolutely which I have been carrying from my childhood. Within three sessions I was able to stand on my feet. Her genuine interactions with me were mind blowing. I definitely recommend her for Life coaching and Total Focus Workshop. I give her Five Star out Five. Stay Blessed Sonya and God Bless.
Sandra D
Thank you so much for helping me with my self doubt, insecurities, getting rid of toxic thoughts & actions from my life, as well as helping with my anxiety & depression! At first I didn’t think that talking to someone and going into my “unconscious mind” to get rid of negative feelings towards myself & others was a thing, yet the result of all these feelings was anger and depression. Through talking to Sonya for 9 sessions these reactions and feelings have improved dramatically! I highly recommend Sonya for anyone who is going through self doubt, depression, or letting go of someone who has had a toxic impact into your life and you can’t forget it.
Courtney McKinnon
I knew when I started working with Sonya I was going to be pushing myself personally! As a proud country boy this kinda stuff was not my cup of tea. To dive deep into dark emotional topics was something I always pushed aside (even tried to do so at the beginning of the program) however with Sonya there is no option, as Sonya knows this is what is mentally, emotionally and spiritually holding you back from becoming the person you want to be in life. Since working with Sonya I have become clear on my strengths in my business which has given me more clarity and direction to build my business to the next level. People close to me have said I am now more self-aware, better at negotiation and able to control my emotions in difficult situations.
Blake Allen
Package Offer
Business Owners Empowerment Program

6 month program includes:

  • 8 online modules working on mindset, goal-setting, meditation and success strategies
  • Weekly facebook and mastermind group
  • 6 private sessions conducted in zoom
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Sale Price :
Personal Transformation Program

6 private sessions working on deep emotional healing, removing limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns. You will emerge from this program fully aware of your self-compassion, wholeness and personal power.

To make profound change in your life you need to deal with past trauma, limiting beliefs and emotional distress. It doesn’t need to take decades of sitting in a therapist’s chair. There are new techniques, which I use, that can give you relief in 3-6 months. Contact me for a no-obligation chat.

Are you ready to live a life surpassing your expectations?  Your sessions may look something like this:

Session 1 – Personal History
• We will find out why you want coaching.
• What the main issues are and areas you want to address.
• We will uncover internal conflicts and confusions.
• We find out what you want instead.
• We will explore some of your personal history to discover the root cause of the problems you are currently facing; relationship with Mother and Father.
• We go through your Wheel of Life and set an area to target for improvement.
• An outcome for your coaching program will be agreed to.

Sessions 2 – Clearing Negative Influences
Many people find that the programming or influence of others may be running their life – even if they are unaware of it. Matrix Therapies helps you let go of this and step into your core identity. We clear negative influences from:
• Parents
• Significant partners
• Siblings
• Teachers or others of influence

Session 3 – Clearing Negative Emotions
We clear the umbrella emotions first:
• Anger
• Sadness
• Fear
• Guilt

We look at any related emotions that haven’t cleared and are an issue:
• Rage, outbursts, frustration, annoyance
• Grief, depression, feeling blue and low
• Anxiety, worry, stress
• Martyrdom, control

Session 4 – Clearing Limiting Decisions
We find these from your personal history. An example might be:
• Not feeling good enough
• Getting angry at being criticised
• Being accident prone
• Having problems with money
• Choosing the wrong relationship

Session 5 – Clearing Internal Conflicts and Confusions
Sometimes people can’t make up their mind about something because part of them wants one thing and part of them wants something else. In NLP these are called Parts and there is a process called Parts Integration that resolves this inner conflict.

Session 6 – Goal Setting
• How you can set goals that engage all the power of your unconscious mind and propel you toward success.
• How you can set goals that are inspiring and still practical.
• How you can set goals that fulfil both your abstract and concrete needs.

Please be aware that people take different amounts of time to complete each section of the program, and that the program may not follow each session in the exact order. There may also be issues from your daily life that may need to be dealt with in sessions, while at the same time keeping track with the program’s intention.

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Certified NLP & Matrix Therapies Practitioner Training

I came across NLP & Matrix Therapies and it changed my life. NLP is the study of successful behaviour and teaches certain processes to replicate that behaviour in your own life. Matrix Therapies are processes to clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

By applying these techniques I was able to transform my life completely. I now have a happy marriage, a purposeful existence and a successful business that more than replaces my corporate income.

It is because of the profound change that has happened in my own life that I decided to become a Life Coach and Therapist, and a Certified Trainer of NLP & Matrix Therapies.  The more people I can help, and the more people I can train to help others, the better the world will be.

I invite you to join me to learn how to apply these techniques in your own life.

7 Days in August 2020

Ideal for you if you:

  1. want deep healing and understanding for yourself and/or
  2. want to help friends and family with their personal issues and/or
  3. want additional people/coaching skills in your work and/or
  4. would like to become a life coach

Over 3 weekends in August 2020:

  • learn the techniques life coaches use with their clients.
  • experience hands on training in class.
  • practice the techniques with your fellow students.
  • experience transformation during and after the training.
  • graduate with 2 certifications:
    • Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming AND
    • Certified Practitioner of Matrix Therapies.
  • Be an accredited life coach with the Australian Board of NLP who have rigorous standards for training.
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