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Trust & Confidence

"Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do." Benjamin Spock
Do you have trust issues? Do you struggle to connect with people? Do you lack faith in what your heart is calling out for? I hear you loud and clear! And this is why I decided to whip up this blog on this 5 letter word called TRUST. I totally get what it's like not to have trust in people. Not to trust life. And not to trust myself. We all do. The thing is this. If you and I are so fixated on the fear and self-doubt that keeps us stuck in our comfort zone in the first place, we NEVER learn, evolve and grow into our own. Beyond the surface, is you and that's the best version of you. Would you agree that you trust what you intellectually know then what you intuitively know? Yes or yes? Here are 3 steps to start trusting your confidence: 1. Shift headspace to heartspace. We get easily distract or overthink things through before making a decision which can create a nervewrecking approach to navigating life's problems. Instead of trying to figure things out with just your head, listen to your heart and hear what it says. What do you feel is right for you? Trust those feelings and they are usually are right. 2. Nurture trust. The best way that I can trust people is by trusting my ability to discern and how I feel. A great activity to connect that trust with yourself is meditation whether it's attending a class or listening to singing bowl music on YouTube in the comfort of your home on your bed, just notice what's showing up for you. Observe your thoughts and feelings with your eyes closed and see how you would rate yourself out of 10 (being the strongest) to how strongly do you trust your thoughts and how strongly do you trust your feelings? 3. Me After Work. Pun unintended. Put some time aside each day before you start your day and before you finish your day to just be with you. And no, I don't mean you on insta looking for selfie likes or hitting hard on the gym. I mean time in stillness like taking a few minutes before you get out of bed in how you're feeling about you and life. Spending some time to slow down and unwind such as writing down what inspires you and why, stretching your body to release stress and tension or something like walking in the park on your lunch break and get some fresh air and list what you can appreciate in your life and in yourself during your walk e.g I'm grateful that I'm taking myself for a walk as an act of self-care. I'm grateful to have a healthy body and mind to enjoy this stroll. I'm grateful to be alive and take in the scenery. In the real world, we override our gut feel with what we choose to see in the 3D world (reality) which is all about what you and I see in physical form. The gut represents power and confidence in the chakra system.  This is where we don't trust our intuition because our intuition isn't something we can't see, it's not logical or strategic, it's how we feel in that moment.  As human beings, we've been conditioned to rely on our survival instincts because of our primitive ancestors, that first reaction to fear that shows up in a life-threatening situation. We apply that same reaction to ANY form of fear that's outside of our comfort zone. The more we focus on what we see in the 3D world, the more we have inclinations to quick fixes and addictions, we lose sight in what we want on a soul level that exists in the 4D world (Quantum). This is how we lose our confidence by giving our power away. The world that is beyond sight and the physical form, it's the spiritual realm of what's important to us which is what feels right for us. To trust our intellect, we choose to trust the known (3D Material Reality - the world of limitations). To trust our intuition, we choose to trust the unknown (4D Quantum Field - the world of abundance). I learnt this the hard way through my tough times navigating my life in the 3D world where I became so attached to men, I came across as needy and demanding without even knowing it! My relentless need to be loved by another when I couldn't even love myself. When I hit rock bottom 4 years ago where I lost everything in my life (like literally verge of homelessness), I learnt to trust myself again. I learnt to discern what's real and what's bullshit by trusting what my gut is telling me. This quickly grew my confidence inside out because I'm in control of how I feel and what I choose to feel. I'm now in the longest and most heartfelt relationship in my life with a beautiful man who comes from his heart because I choose to trust what's possible and so can you.     About the Author: Jessica Goh is not your ordinary life coach, she helps everyday people just like you to experience core confidence by being yourself. Her work is featured on eharmony and she speaks at The Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney. Jessica mentors men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis.

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